Sales Training Manual

(21 Module)

This 21 Module Sales Training Manual is the basis for the Luce Performance Group Seminars, and Workshops.

Module 1
Potential and Attitude - The keys to Peak Performance

Module 2
The 1st Impression and Professional Appearance

Module 3
Prospecting and Qualifying

Module 4
Creating a Prospecting Plan - Telephone Techniques

Module 5
Understanding Customers - Identifying the Prospect's Decision Making Process

Module 6
Conducting a Successful 1st Call

Module 7
Retail-Marketing-Broadcast Terms and Vocabulary

Module 8
Competitive Media

Module 9
Understanding NTR/Vendor Strategies and Tactics

Module 10
Understanding the Dynamics of Direct/Retail Accounts

Module 11
Understanding the Dynamics of Advertising Agencies

Module 12
Successful Advertising Copy/Production Radio/TV Commercials

Module 13
Preparing Written Presentations that will Blow the Customers Socks Off

Module 14
Negotiating Strategies and Tactics

Module 15
Time, Territory and Account Management

Module 16
Strategy and Tactics for Effective Commercial Scheduling

Module 17
Disarming and Overcoming the Toughest Objections

Module 18
Closing the Sale

Module 19
Beyound the Product! Exceeding the Customer's Expectations

Module 20
Your Personal Formula for Success Body, Mind & Sales

Module 21
Strategies to Achieve Dominance for your Advertisers!