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Effective employeesHere is the LPG system on how to hire the best! At a high level we worked to create high-performing workforces within the industry. We do this through our comprehensive suite of employee assessments and performance management solutions. We help our clients gain a competitive advantage by understanding their people at the deepest levels this includes how they think, natural tendencies, behaviors and preferences, and attitudes toward key workplace issues. This helps our clients select the right people, place them in the right roles, and manage them to their full potential. Profiles international is our key business solution provider. They were founded in 1991 and have delivered in excess of 50 million assessments to over 40,000 organizations in over 125 countries. They have a team of nearly 200 direct employees and 1000 business partners. Combine that with backgrounds in organizational psychology, human resource management, sales management, corporate training, coaching, consulting, education, and information technology. We use both high-tech and high touch and laser focused assessments to help our clients succeed. Our assessments are grounded in advanced behavioral science and we continually validate them through our team of PhD psychologists and psychometritions.


Why not hire the best

OK what are the top tests to be sure you've got the right employee?

Skills Tests

Profiles International provides comprehensive assessments to measure essential knowledge and skills. We use powerful technologies, such as performance based testing, which simulates popular software products like Microsoft Office, to ensure accurate, reliable, assessment of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our skills assessments cover software skills, clerical skills, call center skills, accounting and finance, medical, nursing, legal, industrial, computer literacy, retail, food services, information technology, staffing and human resources.here

Screen Work Ethic, Reliability, Integrity and more

Screen Work Ethic, Reliability, Integrity, Propensity to abuse substances.

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How to hire the right person for the right job.

Learn about how Luce Performance Group can help you select your potential hires to ensure you hire the right people for the job.

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