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Video Testimonial by Jamie Futrell

Jamie Futrell
GSM, Paducah, KY

Follow up testimonial by Jamie Futrell

Jamie Futrell
GSM, Paducah, KY
"I've seen many training seminars and found most of them impact sellers like drugs. They attend a seminar, get all fired up, feel high for about two days, and then the thrill wears off and inside of a week they're a "downer." You on the other hand, motivate them and give them a process and template for sustaining activity."

Mike Ginsburg
Market Manager/VP/GM, Clear Channel - Las Vegas
"In place of generic sales tips, Luce's Laws gives broadcast sellers very specific, real-life advice on how to get the order. Sean really does share the secrets of his success."

John Hiatt
General Manager/VP, CBS Radio
"I've been in our wacky, wonderfull business for 43 years and have had the opportunity to attend many seminars. While educationally a couple of them were as good, overall yours was the number-one best for at least a couple of reasons. Your presentation is so much more practical and down-to-earth than the others, and you play the double role of both presenter and participant. Oh yeah, there's a third reason: It's really obvious that you've been there, you've done that, and you have the scars! Terrific!"

Paul H. Rothfuss
President, Sabre Communications, Inc.
"It's hard to believe that our three Sales Academy Training Sessions are over. Thanks so much for providing our members with first-rate training, in-depth information and a notebook that is so full of valuable information that we had to get bigger binders for them!"

Lisa Berit Sanderson
Directory of Association Services, Minnesota Broadcasters Association

"Your reputation as a dynamic and informative speaker preceeded you with almost 140 attendees. A few of the comments from Luce's Leadership Laws were:

"Very positive and motivating," "Perfect-simple, clear and directional," "Energetic, fresh and creative," "Made learning fun" and "Fresh and interesting material"

The Body, Mind and Sales Formula for Broadcast Sales Success included these comments:

"Fun, relaxing and add great education," "Very informative and upbeat," "Motivating and substantive - I will use it" and "Bring him back!"

Again thank you for taking the time to share your expertise with our members. We truly appreciate your participation and the level of experience and enthusiasm you brought to our convention."

Sunny Jewell
Executive Manager, South Carolina Broadcasters Association
"During my 39+ years in this business I have attended many sales seminars but I have to say the Sean Luce seminar was absolutely the best."

Norm Suiter
Sales Manager, Clear Channel
"You really motivated our team. Since your recent visit, there has been nothing, but positive feedback and a great boost of morale! The Sales team at Cumulus - Savannah is looking forward to having you back."

George R. Francis, Jr.
Market Manager, Cumulus Broadcasting Inc.

"What a delightful and exhilarating learning experience. Sean not only brought fantastic sales ideas and humor but exceptional sales experience. This guy isn't theory he's the real deal and we need more training like that.

Thank you so much for bringing in such an advanced trainer to our backyark. My team has been talking about, "The Black Belt Guy" ever since and we have installed a few of his ideas.. no surprise..they're working!"

Brian May
General Sales Manager, Freedom Broadcasting, Inc.
"I especially find it privileged to have been presented your Account Executive "Business Planner" and manger's "Account Management System". Coming away with this informative aspect of your seminar alone was worth the experience. Comments from manager's who attended... " this is exactly what we need".... "we should have one like this every other month"."

Wayne H. Stephens
Director of Sales and Marketing, Horizon Broadcasting Group
"Wow! Thanks so much for the terrific job last Friday. Both of our sales staffs and our sales managers are still talking about the "Body, Mind & Sales" and Luce's Laws" seminar. The seminar you presented was perfect for our mid-year tune-up and check-up. Everything from the "Sales Budget Case Study" to the "Triathlon Fun Meter" were terrific."

Rick Parrish
Vice-President / Director of Sales, Triathlon Broadcasting Company
"Wow! What a great presentation you made at our Annual Convention last month! We've heard excellent remarks and compliments on your session (including "You gotta bring this guy back!")"

Oscar A. Rodriguez
Deputy Director, Texas Association of Broadcasters
"You had everyone on their feet, and they continue to comment favorably on the impact you have had on their personal and business life. If the comments that we have received about your presentation is the measure of a successful convention, this has been a great event!"

Douglas R. Wayland
Executive Director, Colorado Broadcasters Association
"To my delight and surprise they were all thrilled with the day. They represent different levels of experience and very different types of people, but they were all eager to share what they heard. Useful, surprising, and motivating were the words most often used."

Judith Ross
General Sales Manager, KQV All News / All The Time
"This was probably the best training day we have every gone to. Better than Brian Tracy, Chris Lytle, Peter Loew Seminars, High Achievers, ect."

"Sean's information and tools were immediately applicable and specific to what we do on a daily basis. My sales team was so excited they requested a special sales meeting just to "de-brief.""

"I recommend it to all Salem Sales Managers - wholeheartedly!"

, Seattle
"Today's media landscape demands leadership. Sean Luce provides current and prospective Radio managers with the kind of leadership template impact on your personal and professional life."

Milt McConnell
General Manager/VP, Trumper Communications
After a good dose of femininity, I thought it was time to get a little masculinity into the program. So I attended "Maximizing Your Revenue," which was hosted by Sean Luce of the Luce Performing Group. I've seen Luce before and he is a really good speaker. Luce is cocksure and has a presence about him that exudes confidence. He's quick and he looks you straight in the eye while bringing home his points. While at the same time, he isn't cocky or arrogant. He does a good job for his clients and he knows it. Luce wants you to win too and you can sense that.
After some bouncing disco music and a quick aerobic workout, Luce got down to business, showing us all about these new campaigns he has been working on to boost radio and Internet traffic in British Columbia. With an Internet portal, an FM radio station has been able to drive thousands to its Web site and is billing top dollar to advertisers. At the same time, the company has created a marketing program with car dealers and some contests to drive money away from newspaper and into Internet. Luce also shared a number of documents with the group, including his Customer Marketing Profile sheet, to gain access to customers, Honda giveaway promotion, and played a couple of inspirational videos to drive home the point that you can't succeed if you don't give it your all.

Tony Schinella
Award-winning newspaper editor/journalist and radio broadcaster, Concord, New Hampshire
Sean Luce is the consummate professional. He really knows his stuff and delivers it in a no nonsense, clear cut manner. He has help me personally grow my business by a staggering amount. I wouldn't be the radio sales rep I am today if I had never met Sean Luce. I am a richer man because of it!

Robert Topping
Account Manager, KOLA-FM Riverside/San Bernardino
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