Liquid Fire

This is not just a book you will gain greatly from by reading, but this is a book you'll turn back to again and again. Step-by-step instructions on how to execute certain portions of the selling process. Many media companies have made this mandatory reading material. It is easy to see why.  Veteran salespeople and rookies alike will gain from Sean's excellent content. Sean puts the "real life" experiences from his own observations while selling in the field in order to train hundreds of reps.  He has outlined the struggles.  Broken down the steps required to be a "master" all in one book.  He is out in the field every day with sellers. The book reflects that too. This is not some book about "what a great career I had."  This is a book that will help you guarantee your talent is used and you enjoy all the success you were meant to enjoy.  These are great ideas that work and can be taught to others.

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