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Apr 2, 2024 by Mark Maier

Never overlook recent research as it always can open the door to new questions and insights from current or potential clients.  That is exactly the case with the Top 40 Business Trends of 2023 that RAB posted recently with National Chamber of Commerce Association research.

I have attached a file for you to look at, here is the key.  Look for red, subtract how many months the typical buyers awareness cycle is for that category and you have the start of a campaign to achieve the peak red sales percentage, ask clients what percentage of business they do each month and you will find that they really never can afford not to be online as they need sales each month from various profit centers and verticals.  This can help budgets as you can literally look at the buying cycle and determine that if you want to hit the peak of 9.3% of sales in December at an appliance store, they need 5 months of lead time as the smaller peak of winter is November and the top peak in December so as they move into the end of July and into August that buying cycle starts for the peak of the winter season as people typically start that buying cycle then.  

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