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The following Articles were either written by LPG staff, or reposted by LPG staff with credit given to the original author.  Some are Editorials in which we share our opinions on the industry. Others were written from our knowledge of working in the field for years.  Finally we have research from LPG and or third parties. 

Nov 1, 2023

The Most Powerful Evidence

One tool every manager should include in his or her sales arsenal is the client testimonial. During my first market trip to Greece for consulting an LPG client in April, my final task for the sales department was to have them put together some video ...
Oct 31, 2023

Don't Let Your Quarterback Be Sacked

As those of you who follow American football know, the quarterback sack during a football game is when the quarterback (the on-field leader) is tackled by the opposing team behind the line of scrimmage. This usually occurs because of a breakdown when ...
Oct 30, 2023

The Customer's Vote Is What Counts

It takes about 11 hours in the air to travel from the Dominican Republic to Thessaloniki in northern Greece. I made the trip to assist a radio station client there, and this is another installment on how that task was accomplished. 10 a.m.,Wednesday ...
Oct 27, 2023

The Do's and Dont's of Telephone Etiquette

For most sales reps, phoning for appointments is Maalox time at the heartburn corral. Because 95 percent of radio and TV sales reps don't do any research before they pick up the phone, they're behind the 8 ball to start with. In both radio and ...
Oct 26, 2023

Increase Your Telephone Appointment Closing Ratio

In the early morning, most sales departments are abuzz with reps on the phone setting up appointments with prospects. I often hear the proverbial, "I'd like to come over and talk to you about advertising." Inevitably, I also hear, "We ...
Oct 25, 2023

Make The Sale By Uncovering The Real Objection

What happens when a prospect rejects your proposal for reasons that make absolutely no sense? Maybe you've heard some of the reasons why they won't buy your station: - I hated the guy (company) that owned your station four years ago. - My competitor ...
Oct 24, 2023

Plow Through To the Real Decision Maker

Have you ever wondered why you were cut from the sale at the last minute when you thought you had the prospect signed, sealed and delivered to the traffic department? Other influences might have an impact on the sale. We have been conditioned to call ...
Oct 23, 2023

Duck Dynasty Rules!

I'm probably the only person in America who hasn't seen a full episode of "Duck Dynasty." Little did I know I would be right smack in the middle of a full day of Duck Dynasty-style team-building in the Ozarks last week. Before last ...
Oct 20, 2023

Divide and Conquer Why Zoning your Territory will Increase Sales

Who manages your sales reps? account lists? Your prospects and customers or your sales reps? The most common complaint I hear from sales managers across the country is, "How can I get my sales reps to see more people?" Not only do they need ...
Oct 19, 2023

World-Class Salespeople

Spotting the 20% who Sell the 80% PROFILEXTSALES TM , Let's examine the special qualities of the ProfileXTSales TM assessment. Salespeople work in an increasingly competitive pressure cooker. It's no wonder that 38 percent of salespeople say ...
Oct 18, 2023

Why Quality content matters more with Google Ranking

In the old days getting the top spot on google could be bought, and I am not talking about CPC ads. I am talking about paying a so called SEO Expert to use every blackhat trick in the book to push your site to the top of google. However today Google ...
Oct 17, 2023

Competing against Facebook

Facebook dominates the web. Rather than quoting some large numbers ( their traffic ), I want to instead focus on why Facebook dominates the web. Just spending a few minutes on Facebook you start to see the genius in how its laid out. It is built to ensure ...
Oct 16, 2023

The Cost Of A Bad Hire

What does it cost you if you fail to screen out the poor performer or the non-performer? We try to bury this hard cold fact every time we look for a new employee. Our wonderful optimism takes hold and we say to ourselves: “This time it will be ...
Oct 13, 2023

Double Oh! 7 Steps

A look back at the 7 steps to an opening call...James Bond-style. Severin: Would you mind if I ask you a business question? Bond: Depends on the question. Severin: It has to do with death. Bond: A subject in which you're well-versed. Severin: And ...
Oct 12, 2023

It's Not Enough To Be "Liked"

There is a difference between traffic, and the perception of traffic. Note this article was originally posted before Facebook deleted the "likes" from a page and focussed on "followers" The premise remains that it is important to ...
Oct 11, 2023

Website Myths Debunked

There are tons of ways to increase the traffic to your website, though many people look for the get rich quick schemes that will yield them lots of traffic with little effort. Let me take the time to debunk these myths and show you the right and only ...
Oct 10, 2023

Scotty, Bring Me Home Some Lovin'

This happened recently with one of our properties with the Luce Performance Group. Scott appeared to be a great account executive. At first glance he was dynamite! He wouldn’t sit still. He kept talking about all he would do in the new position. ...
Oct 9, 2023

Profile Sales Assessment

Let's examine the special qualities of the ProfileXTSales TM ( PSA TM) assessment. Salespeople work in an increasingly competitive pressure cooker. It's no wonder that 38 percent of salespeople say they plan to leave their jobs within two years ...
Oct 6, 2023

Is Your Company The Right Fit For Potential Employees?

Making sure your company is the right fit for your employees is critical to productivity, morale and retention. Whether you are a small, medium or large firm, we are all faced with the challenge of how to identify and retain top performers. With the ...
Oct 5, 2023

With A Little Help From My Friends

"What would you think if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me.Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends."- The Beatles In the early days, I had some people walk out of my training seminars, so I sought out some mentors. ...
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