Black and ... Yellow

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Jan 2, 2024 by Sean Luce

Yellow Traffic SignIn the world of outdoor advertising, black letters on a yellow background are the combination that has the best recall among drivers. Check billboards on your local highways those colors rise above the clutter. What does your sales staff do to get the attention of your prospects or clients? In an average week, a business owner encounters 27.6 contacts seeking to sell some product or service. Many sales reps leave constant phone messages soliciting an appointment; or they walk repeatedly into the business, hoping to establish at least an accidental contact with the decisionmaker. That doesn't work in today's fast-paced, ever-changing, and highly competitive business environment. How do your reps let their prospects or clients know they really want the business, or at least an opportunity to meet? When it comes to making remarkable presentations, do they add sizzle? that something extra to their proposal so it stands out.  You might think that a professional sales rep shouldn't have to do quirky things to get the prospect's attention. However, many business owners appreciate the spunk of a sales rep who does something different to rise above the crowd. Here are some attention-getting items your reps can send or take to prospects, or include in a presentation.

1. Basketball labeled "Dunk your competitors with WWWW your station" have it signed by one of your local basketball legends.
2. Cake: Let WWWW be the icing on the cake in your marketing campaign.
3. Plant: Your business will grow by advertising on WWWW.
4. Small airplane: Your business will soar when you advertise on WWWW.
5. Deck of cards: You'll always have a FULL HOUSE with WWWW.
6. Dice: Don?t throw away advertising dollars make a sure bet with WWWW.
7. Pizza: WWWW will be the supreme topping in your marketing campaign.
8. Bag of carrots: WWWW has an 18-carrot idea for you!
9. Small Puzzle: WWWW can solve your marketing puzzle.
10. Dartboard: On WWWW, you will hit the BULLSEYE!
11. Hot Sauce: When you're hot, you're hot on WWWW!
12. Golf Ball: You'll always get a HOLE IN ONE on WWWW. (If you happen to upset a client or prospect: Sorry I teed you off.)
13. Alka Seltzer: Oh, what a relief it is when you advertise on WWWW.
14. Hammer and nails: We will build your business on WWWW.
15. Timex watch: Your competition will take a lickin

when you advertise on WWWW. When reps make presentations, how about adding a little sugar and spice  or some dry ice. How many times have you seen a good written proposal die because the rep delivered it with little or no enthusiasm? Reps: In your briefcase, carry pieces of dry ice and a plastic container with water. As you open your briefcase, drop some of the dry ice into the water container. As the dry ice melts and smokes, pull out your presentation and say, "I have the hottest proposal in town!" This sets the stage for your presentation and lets the prospect/client know you are serious about working with them. If you're willing to do this, you will be willing to go out of your way to tackle the account. Want over-the-top servicing of your clients? Try some donuts, but don't just drop off a bag of Dunkin Donuts or a box of Krispy Kremes. For a small amount of money, you can get your local printer to tailor a donut container that will separate you from your competition. Put your company logos or call letters on the outside of the box. At the top near the handle, print "We really appreciate your business a HOLE bunch!" or "How sweet it is to do business with you!" Are your reps black and white when they are in the field, or do they rise above the clutter with "black on yellow"? Maybe it's time to see whether your reps are making a lasting impression.

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