Creating Sales Meetings that your sales Reps Won't Hate

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Feb 6, 2024 by Sean Luce

Your sales meetings don't have to be a Mary Kay Cosmetics revival, yet the sales-meeting atmosphere determines whether your reps gain value for time spent in this important meeting. Boost the value with these hints:

1) Structure: The amount of preparation YOU put into sales meetings is in direct proportion to the amount of knowledge your sales reps will get from the meeting. It all starts with an agenda and purpose.

2) Agenda: Here are four steps to begin a high-energy, high-learning, motivational sales meeting. 

- Music (3 min.)- As your reps come into the conference room, high-energy music sets the tone: e.g., Gonna Fly Now from the Rocky soundtrack. Get your reps in sync, hand-clapping to the music beat. table with some form of "table aerobics"and maybe deep breathing to clean out that "computer" on their shoulders.

- Videos (5 min) - A 4- to 5-minute video can start the sales meeting with a funny clip or a clip associated with sales. Tommy Boy, Used Cars, Family Man, City Slickers and Remember the Titans are a few good movie sources.

- Success Stories (10 min) - Nothing makes for better meetings and rep involvement than to have reps share recent success stories. Each rep is required to bring and share one success story.

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