How To Go The Extra Mile For The Sale

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Nov 20, 2023 by Sean Luce

How far will you go to show prospects that you will work for them? Here are three sizzling moves, regardless of your market.

1) Dry Ice: In your briefcase, have some pieces of dry ice and a small container of water. Open the briefcase toward you, and slip a piece of dry ice into the water container. As your briefcase starts to smoke, exclaim, "Here's the hottest proposal in town!"

2) Prescription Bottle: Mike McKay, of Rochester, MN, takes his client a prescription bottle filled with M&Ms. The label says, "From the Pharmacy of 96.5 KWWK/ AM 1520/Oldies 107.7 - Suggested Dosage: 4x 6am-10am and 4x 3pm- 7pm ' For relief of pain and a quick response."
3) Golfing For Dollars: An Atlanta rep recently found it hard to crack the door of a marketing director. Conversing with the receptionist, he found that the executive was an avid golfer. In the closing presentation, he brought in a box of golf balls and tees. During the presentation, he set up the golf balls on a tee on a small piece of Astroturf he brought. His presentation covered nine points or "holes." For every point on which he and the customer agreed, he gave the customer the ball. If they agreed on all nine points, the customer got all the balls, and the rep got the order.

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