Why Radio's Service Sucks

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Feb 29, 2024 by Sean Luce

 Almost anyone can get the order the first time. The mark of a great salesperson is to get the re-order. Getting the re-order is in direct proportion to how well you service the account once you get it on the air.

Harvard Business School did a survey on Radio and television salespeople and found that, 63 percent of the time, the sales rep went back to the account not during the commercial campaign or even after the campaign was over - but during the collection phase of the selling process. Heck, even newspaper sales reps at least go in and ask, "Do you have anything for me today?" before collecting the money. Here are some common complaints (often fatal service blunders) from businesses that use Radio:

- Inflexible: In what we tout as the most flexible medium on which to advertise, are we really that flexible? When the customer asks, do we respond with a yes?
- Unaccountable: Do we run the schedule right the first time? Do we haphazardly run the make-goods when it's convenient for us?
- Lack Follow-Through: From the time we sell the client, do we monitor the results/change the copy if need be/inform all store personnel of the upcoming campaign/ do recaps after the program is over?
- Are Rep-Focused vs. Client-Focused: Do we really care about the client? Do we deliver on the agreed expectations of the campaign?

So, what can we do to upgrade our service if, in fact, service is the main reason clients continue to advertise with us? Remember, 80 percent of the reason people buy is because they like you and trust you. Twenty percent is based on your product or service.

Here are the 10 "Luce's Laws" of customer service. They are not easy to follow, but they sure are worth the effort.

1) Under-promise, over-deliver - period. Always do more for the customers than they ask.
2) Be a partner in their business. Care more about what happens with their business than the commission check you receive from the sale.
3) Be a professional - at all times, in all circumstances. Remember, you also represent the client in the public's eye.
4) Do what you promise. Always deliver on what you said. If things change, then get with the client and agree on new expectations.
5) Monitor results. Never be afraid to ask, "How are we doing?"
6) When the customer asks, the answer is yes - simply put.
7) Be flexible. Eliminate barriers in getting the job done - speed, speed and more speed from account rep to management decisions.
8) Empower all employees to deal with complaints. Don't waste time going through multiple layers to handle a problem. Deal with it, using good judgment.
9) Have your customers tell you what you are doing wrong. If you don't encourage your customers to tell you what's wrong, you'll never know what needs to be fixed.
10) Have passion and enthusiasm. Love what you do, and your positive, upbeat nature will be contagious.

Make a fanatical commitment today to excellent customer service! Ray Kroc did!

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