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The following Articles were either written by LPG staff, or reposted by LPG staff with credit given to the original author.  Some are Editorials in which we share our opinions on the industry. Others were written from our knowledge of working in the field for years.  Finally we have research from LPG and or third parties. 

Sep 8, 2008

Non-Spot Revenue Surpasses Predictions

"Off-Air revenue (previously referred to as Non-Spot) has surpassed last year's mid-year forecast by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) , and is expected to approach $2B by the end of 2008 - nearly a full year ahead of the predicted timeline." That's ...
Sep 2, 2008

What Video IAB Advertising Format Will Work Best For My Client?

To pre-roll or overlay, that is the question I ask. If you are trying to decide what format to use on your website and what the best practices are showing works best for branding campaigns as compared to call to action, than you will want to take a look ...
Aug 24, 2008

Murphy's Laws of Combat

We have had these around the office for a while, and they always bring a smile to my face. 1. You are not a superman. 2. If it's stupid but works, it isn't stupid. 3. Don't look conspicuous - it draws fire. ( This is why aircraft carriers are called, ...
Aug 12, 2008

The Barak Obama Image and what you can learn from it.

No matter what your political views might be, you can't deny that the Obama Image sells. Here are some lessons you can learn just from watching him on the campaign trail Dress and Behave for the Job you want, not the job you have. Obama Recently ...
Jul 23, 2008

White House Lawn Garden Reception

Reception dinner with the President of the National Association of Broadcasters and other dignitaries. ...
Jul 8, 2008

How Search Engines Determine your Rank

Everyone wants to be the #1 ranked site on google. The first step to getting there is understanding how google ranks websites. Even though the algorithm that Google uses is secret, they have told webmasters some key things to focus on. Driving traffic ...
Jul 4, 2008

Marketing Your Way Through A Recession Part 2

Earlier this week we presented some information from Harvard Business School about 8 key factors to consider in your marketing for the remainder of 2008 and 2009. The American Marketing Association released a report this week from a survey taken online ...
Jul 1, 2008

Building your website for results.

Some stations in broadcast media have done a great job of using the internet to increase their advertising dollars. However there are still too many companies that have been slow to adapt to new technology. Too often mangement is scared of technologies ...
Jul 1, 2008

Marketing Your Way Through A Recession

We posted some interesting consumer information yesterday, that taken the wrong way, puts a negative slant on the economy. The report stated that 64% of consumers have changed or cut back household spending habits in the last several months. What that ...
Jun 28, 2008

Radio's New Tsunami

This week blogs and newsfeeds have reminded the broadcast industry how important it is to stream into the workplace to help influence purchasing decisions and referrals. Radio drive times are being challenged with cars equiped with i-pods, internet connectivity ...
Jun 27, 2008

The True Value of Multi-Platform Advertising

Integrated Media Measurement Inc. released a new study this week that breaks down the assumption that advertising on multiple platforms results in just an extension of reach, the study shows that it dramatically impacts conversion rates. What does this ...
Jun 27, 2008

Workplace Influencing Purchases

BIGResearch just came out with a new study on how you or your co-workers influence purchases during the course of a work day. It is not suprising to read that 95% give advice to co-workers when you think about the Buyers Awareness Cycle and how we search ...
Jun 25, 2008

EFS Generator

The Missing Piece to the E.F.S. Click Here to Try out the EFS Generator This email came over a few days ago in reference to a project we designed in Houston at the LPG offices three months ago. It has now been field tested in 3 countries and here is ...
Jun 1, 2008

Glossary of Interactive Advertising Terms

If you want to talk the talk, best to know the meaning of key terms used in the industry. ANA (Association of National Advertisers) the trade association serving the needs of advertisers and marketers by providing leadership in advertising ...
Nov 20, 2006

Shifting Newspaper Advertising To Radio And Online Pays Big

Scoping out the Oct. 2 issue of Automotive News, I noticed an article about a car dealer in Sacramento, CA. David Shirley, the general manager of Folsom Chevrolet, pulled $80,000 per month out of newspaper advertising, and put most of it into radio. ...
Jul 4, 2005

Take Your Staff To See Cinderella Man!

We all love underdogs, which is why the story of James J. Braddock is probably one of the greatest sports stories to hit the silver screen in recent years. Director Ron Howard did a fantastic job directing this extraordinary, true story of a heavyweight ...
May 9, 2005

Overcoming the Satellite Objection: Its Time to get "Siriusly" Prepared

During a recent call with a sales rep, the owner of a boat dealership exclaimed that traditional radio is going by the wayside, because his new boats are coming out with factoryinstalled satellite radio options, and his dealership is playing Sirius Satellite ...
Mar 7, 2005

The Importance Of (Not) Being Average

Every year at the Radio Advertising Bureau's annual management conference, the Luce Performance Group awards the top performers in the group of radio stations we consult. One of these awards, which recognizes the "executive of the year," is named the ...
Feb 7, 2005

If the Business is Broken Radio Alone Can't Fix It

Each year, I spend 200 days in the field, working with sales reps on local and national accounts ranging from mom-and-pops to the largest coffee producers in the world. As a result, I see eye-opening stuff every day, much of it in the form of marketing ...
Jan 17, 2005

Finding Your Sales "Oil Leaks" for 2005

The following is a case study I often use with our consultant stations to identify and assess problems or issues in the sales department. This is a good exercise for January - or any time you want to maximize your department's potential. Setting ...
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